New autofill version please?

Autofill is a good thing in general because it makes sure people get to games more easily, but there are some moments when it screws up big time by forcing people in to roles they are really bad at. I am for example a pretty nice mid, top and sup. BUT I am one of the worst junglers and adc's you can find. When the game puts me to either of those roles and no teammate switches with me usually means an insta lose. Never ever put me in a jungle if a team should have a chance at victory. But things like these happen. Could we perhaps have an update to the autofill so we can avoid this monstrosity of putting players into roles they absolutely cannot play. Mayhaps something along the lines of "Choose a role you never ever do not wanna play". Naturally such a think has a negative side effect (No supports and longer wait times) but it could also make losing games due to not being able to play a role less frequent and somewhat more fun for players in general as those who hate doing certain roles can play happily knowing they aren't forced to do that thing they are really bad at. Yes, I still understand the negatives and yes, it could be hard to implement such a change.
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