How can I earn honor if I mute all?

So, It's pretty normal for me to go into every game with /Mute all active. And i know the arguments, "League is based on communication, you're hindering your team" and "Not everyone is toxic" but it's a personal choice I make, just so I can focus on my own gameplay and improving. But more to why I made this, is that it's really hard to earn honor this way. I'm not sure if this is riots way of trying to motive me to communicate with my team, but either way it's kind of annoying. I'd rather not communicate with my team to be 100% honest, than earn honor. But, earning honor is still something I would like. Especially because I still make sure to give people that "wp" "gj bot" and ping my team. Mostly on my way and SS. If they go do something I wont back ping them unless it's warning them I know someone is in the fog war. But because of this, even with games where I go 10/0/4 or a game where I play jungle Jayce (I'm only playing Jayce and Tryndamere atm.) and actually come out with most damage, best KDA, and steal and a baron. I don't receive any honor. Is there some way to earn honor, without having to unmute my team, or do I just have to suck it up and accept that it's just going to be something that wont happen?
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