What's the point of the rank system?

What's the point of the rank system when, me for example, a different system replaces it and also it is something to which players don't have direct access to (besides third party websites, like op.gg). What I mean by that is that there is a hidden stat somewhere in Riots database that matches players of similar skill to you. That's perfectly, fine, because I wouldn't want to play against bronze players. The problem starts when there's a really big gap, or maybe not even that, just the confusion that you are matched against a Diamond 2 jungler, when you are a Gold 5 jungler, or the enemy top laner is Masters. Generally the main thing I have seen in my past 3 months of playing is that I rarely have anyone of the same rank as me, or similar. Ironically, I had the complete opposite a while ago, where I was matched with unranked, or bronze 5 players. Now its high plat/diamond/masters. The simple solve to this would just to have a stat on your profile that will show your actual skill, I would really appreciate it. Otherwise it just causes massive confusion. It's also kinda stressing when you see other players with diamond borders on your team, because you don't know if your performance will match up to their expectations :(
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