My internet is great but my mouse and keyboard seem to have a randomly delayed response

Everything was fine and dandy up until late evening when my mouse and keyboard started having a delayed response in online games. I checked my internet and it works fine, I did the Speed Test and it's showing ~130/~2 download/upload speed. But I was in a League game a couple hours ago and the game seemed as if i had latency, but my ping was constantly around 45 ms, as it is every day, my fps is usually around 50+, I have it capped at 60. I tried a different game and it does the same thing on Guild Wars 2, my keyboard input abilities start getting a delayed response (up to 1 second) and I don't know why. It's not as bad on League, but i've never had this kind of issue before so this is new territory for me. It kinda worries me that it could be a hardware issue, but it's strange because my mouse and keyboard inputs don't have latency when I use my computer for anything other than online games. I did also try playing Call of Duty Single Player to test my keyboard and mouse, but I saw no difference. So I went to reset my modem, thought it would help out, but it didn't, the problem persists. Also, I did check packet loss, but I have no idea why that would all of a sudden be causing issues, since nothing internet related has changed in the household for a very long time and there were no such issues before. Any advice or insight?
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