I got hacked real bad.

My account before this named "sumercamp1234" is and has been hacked since a year ago ive tried every single thing but he has changed the email addres and the password. On that account i have spend a total of around 100 dollars in RP and skins, i really do need help to get this account back. Do anyone have any idea of what i can do? Riot isnt looking or they do not just care about this. Guys, i beg you report my old account "sumercamp1234" becouse it is hacked or can somone help me get it back? If anyone have seen the username "sumercamp1234" in game or if you have him on your friend list please contact me. Since it is illegal to hack somone account i think this is something we need to take a act on we need to stop hackers that does these kinds of things. How i got hacked was that he sent me a link thru the massage box.. I have no idea how becouse i did block him. And yes, i saw something was a bit fishy with it becouse it sad "free riot points" and you cant get that for free and i closed the chat. I was shocked and yes, i tried to change my password as fast as possible but it was too late. Around 30 seconds after i closed the chat i got kicked from the account and when i tried to log in again he changed both email adress and password. Ive tried whole year to get my account back. And yes, he is still playing on it until this day so please if anyone can help me to solve this problem or just help me. I would been so happy! Thanks to all you guys that read this and to Riot Games if they read this. Please try to help me. Much love from me Sumercamp12345. And remember if you cant help me please, report him atleast.
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