Launcher broke after hotfix

You guys applied a hotfix within the past hour. I came out of a game of ARAM and then it downloaded it. As I played an ARAM game I completed a mission that would reward me with Lux Permanent, but I didn't get the champion and it replaced it with a summoner's rift mission that rewards Master Yi (which I am fairly sure I've completed, but could be wrong). In addition, nothing happens when I press play. Should it load the lobby selection, it says I don't have enough champions to play draft pick, even though I have well enough champions and I've played draft picks for days now. The loot page won't load and says it can't retrieve some loot data, and the store won't load at all. And yes, I did restart the launcher after the hotfix downloaded, and yes, I've reloaded it several times since. Thoughts?
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