Yi, Want to know more regarding his Q

Hey, lately I've been enjoying master Yi again and well as we all know his Q lets you dodge some abilities, or it used to. Then as far as I'm aware got changed up a bit so you were correctly getting damaged when alpha striking. Now my question is, how does it work and what can I possibly "dodge" with it, I know I've dodged several stuns with it, some area dmg and alike. I'm also aware it doesn't block Syndra's ult since the damage of the balls still goes through when doing his Q. Now I have a short clip from today where I was playing master yi, got caught and tried to dodge an ezreal ult (I would have probably died either way) but the strange thing is, while being in the alpha strike (Hope it is visible enough). I still got hit by the ezreal ult. https://youtu.be/Hdp7LltaZes I'd like to have some more insight regarding this ability to be able to improve as master Yi and know what I can possibly dodge and what not. FYI: I am aware it might be that my Q right ended since I only jumped on thresh but I'm not 100% sure about it.

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