Honor system is acting weird.

Basically the point of this is that I have gained around 2 honor levels(8 checkpoints) in 4 months of playing LoL, while a Year ago I barely even gained 1 single honor checkpoint. My attitude hasn't changed, my playstyle hasn't changed my champions changed by a very small amount, I'm still the same calm player as I was a year ago. Yet I have gone from Honor 2 to Honor 4 with 2 checkpoints. How did this happen or why is it happening? Like there's no way the system starts giving me the rewards I should have gained last year this year right? I swear I played Shen and Zilean so much last year, stacked up millions of millions of honors and never leveled up my honor and now, just from playing 2-3 games in 1 week I gained **2!** Honor checkpoints. Someone explain this for me.
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