Logitech Keys Not Binding

Logitech Gaming Software: LoL Profile Autodetection Fix
If you own a piece of Logitech gaming equipment, chances are you probably play or have played League of Legends. Logitech Gaming Software is a tool provided by Logitech to allow configuring your devices. One popular feature is profiles which people can use to tweak settings on a per-game basis.
Ok so I've had a Logitech G910 for about two years now. I had to use the link I attached here to get the keys working properly as the profile was not being set up correctly. Everything worked fine after that. But now recently my keys are not being picked up, nothing has changed in terms of the edit I had to make originally. So I'm thinking a recent patch has screwed me over. Now I can't get the profile to work for the macro keys or the light sequence on the keys. If anyone else is having issues, I need the help on this one. Thanks!
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