Remake system and leaver buster is absolutely stupid

I don't understand why Riot isn't fixing this problem, I was going in a ranked match and__ my league wouldn't load, so I had to reset it a couple of times, I was also in my promos with 1 win and 1 loss. After it's finally fixed it brings me back to the main screen and it was remade. Then it told me to reset my league and afterwards I looked at my lp and it was lower than 100 so it means that the remake system is absolutely stupid and makes you lose lp when you have problems loading it. Not only that but it told me I had to wait a bit before going into a match, I haven't had one of these since season 5, so I thought it was only 5 minutes but no, it's 20 minutes, so riot wtf, I don't understand why this is a thing. Also idk what board to put it in so I just put it in help & support.
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