NA-EU Account Merges are Coming to an End, Last Call to Veteran Players

Hello everyone, Three years ago, [we announced that you could merge your NA account with your EU one]( Originally the process was created to allow summoners who started playing on NA to have their content in their EU account as well. We completed a good chunk of requests back when Ymir posted the option in our old forums, but at the moment we are receiving very few to no requests about account merges. So we wanted to offer a last call to everyone who might have not heard about it before we cease this service on the 18th of April 2016. To qualify for a merger: * You need to have created your account before June 1, 2010 * Most of your games need to be from a European IP * You need to verify ownership over the two accounts you’’re merging * EU account has been originally created on one of the EU servers Remember that we can only transfer certain data to your EU account: * Your summoner level * Your purchased content * You’’ll be compensated for content you unlocked on both accounts * Your IP and RP totals * Your competitive season rewards And the following aspects of your NA account will be lost during the merger process: * Your stats * Your MMR * Your rune and mastery presets * Your honor score * Your friends list Once the process is complete, you can’’t use refund tokens on the content you merged from another account, and your NA account can’’t be recovered. So make sure you’’ve bid fond farewell to your summoner on this side of the pond prior to requesting the merge! If you’’re interested in merging your NA and EU accounts, meet the criteria and have read through the process, please send us a ticket with the subject “”Account Merge Request””. If you have any questions, let us know in this thread. :)
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