Riot, are you serious right now?

First I got banned for 2 weeks, now i have 75 chat restriction and 35 ranked games restriction! WHAT A HELL??? I got banned for "flame", but it was NOTHING, it was an everyday LoL player chat. I don't know if it's alowed to share the mail that i got from Riot with all "BAD WORDS", but if it is then I'm gonna share it! This is totally unfair. In June people started getting banned. Is Riot thinking "Oh, now when school is over we can ban all bad kids so they can't play LoL normally" and I'm sure that Riot thinks that every Bronze division player is 10 yo kid. Now I need to play draft pick with all other banned players just to unlock ranked game. And how the hell do I have -3 lp when I won last ranked game? Do banned players now lose lp while banned? I never flamed in game (by flamed I think of Heavy swearing and hoping someones family die from cancer). I just need an explanation why do you ban people only at summer, and why so heavy ban for nothing. And also tell me if am alowed to sher Riot's mail.
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