Absurd Rules for Disconnect!

Recently I got disconnected from my ranked game at 22 minute, and it took me 6 minutes to get back in game. My team was winning for those 24 minutes of the game, when I came back, we took Baron and ended the game. But even though we won and I played 24 out of 30 minutes of that game, for me it was counted as a loss and I lost 18 lp. So, even though I reconnected and continued playing the game, the system counted me as a disconnected (AFK) player for the rest of the game. I also got a penalty for it: "You are ineligible to earn loot due to leaving or AFK behaviors" I literally got a ban on earning the loot, for this one time I disconnected in months, even though I reconnected and played 24 out of 30 minutes of the game. I submitted the ticket regarding this issue and this is the answer I got: "If you are disconnected for more than 3 minutes, you're marked as AFK, once you're marked as AFK, even if you reconnect and play the game, you will receive the rewards of a AFK player, which is a instant loss." So, this practically means that if you get disconnected for more that 3 minutes at any point of the game, there is no even a point to reconnect and continue playing, because for you it will be counted as a loss anyway, and you will lose lp, beside losing the time sitting by your PC. According to this rule, you are telling players that reconnecting doesn't change anything when it comes to the outcome of the match, meaning I shouldn't waste my time trying to help my team win? Not only that this ruins the game for the player who disconnected, it automatically negatively impacts the rest of the team and the outcome of the match. So, players who are AFK intentionally or left the game are counted the same as players who are playing with intention to win, but disconnected because of technical issues, and reconnected to continue playing the match. This is completely absurd, makes no sense and it is not fair. The game itself has loading problems and connection issues after every single patch. Even if the game was working absolutely perfectly, this rule would still be absurd, punishing players for positive behavior when they are dealing with technical issues. It is only adding to the problem of AFK behavior, because now beside the players who are AFK intentionally or most of the game, you are forcing it on players who disconnected for 4, 6, 7, 8 minutes, but reconnected and played 80% of the game. You simply can't deny players from reconnecting, and deny them the chance to change the outcome of the match, especially because it is impacting 4 more player in the team. The 3 minute rule has purpose only at the beginning of the game for possibility of remake. Unless the system is able to detect exact time the player was disconnected, the 3 minute rule during the rest of the game cannot be the parameter for flagging a player as if he wasn't even playing the match. You are completely excluding any point of using reconnection. It would make sense to punish consecutive AFK behavior with low priority queue and other bans that follow, as it was so far, even not getting lp for the win. But this type of rule that counts the game as a loss would make sense only according to player's lvl/exp and contribution, and time spent playing. If the system could detect exact time a player was disconnected during the game, then counting the percentage of the whole game duration, and if it is more than 1/3 of the game, it could be counted as if a player didn't really contribute to the game outcome (in the positive way). I really hope you will take action and make changes to this absurd rule asap, which is negatively impacting the game and players' gaming experience. https://prnt.sc/osq75k
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