EUW/EUNE ping has been unstable for over a year now.

First off let me explain why I didn't use the ticket system for this one. It's quite simple actually, whenever someone sends a ticket reguarding ping / connection issues they have to get through this long annoying automated process of troubleshooting which I have numerous times and at this point I'm quite sick of automated responses.So let me begin by explaining the issue: EUW/EUNE ping has been unstable in Bulgaria for more than a year now. By unstable I mean that no matter the ISP and no matter the type of connection there are 3 ping values that are changing every few weeks/month randomly. Ping is either 44ms, 54ms or worst case scenario 64ms. There is no explanation as to why the ping is changing but it seems to be some routing issues between ALL ISP's and League of legends servers. It's not normal to have 2 servers at different places (EUNE and EUW) and get both the same ping and the same ping issues. I personally have gigabit up and gigabit down fiber optic internet connection and I have zero issues with ping in other games. Games tested are Dota2, CS:GO, Overwatch and Apex Legends. None of those games exhibit the same behavior. All of my friends from around the country that use different ISP's have the same issue. It has either to do with the League servers or with the route to the League servers. Why is this annoying? The problem is consistency. I get used to playing on 44ms for 2-3 months and all the sudden I have to play on 64ms for the next week-month?? Sometimes this spike lasts for a few days but it lasted for 3 weeks once. And then we add the random days where ping goes from 44 to 54 for again seemingly no reason and now I have 3 ping values that I have to play on at random times without a warning. The difference between 44 54 and 64 is noticable by anyone who plays at a semi-decent level IMO and it's frankly unacceptable. How do we solve this and what I've personally done to try and solve it? Find the root cause of the ping changes. I've contacted my ISP and what they have told me is that basically they have no control of the routing outside of the country. It seems that almost all if not all ISP's in Bulgaria use the same routing channels ( I'm not a network expert have no idea what the actual term is called) . The question is why does this only happen in League? I'd much like for some sort of an investigation to be conducted by RIOT in order to once and for all fix this issue. As I was saying it did not happen in S5-S7 and it started happening last year. Something changed and it'd be great to find out what. Тhanks in advance and I hope we find a solution together. CLARIFICATION: The ping changes do not occur during a game but they last for days at a time.
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