I got perma-banned! HOORAY!!!

A few months ago i got perma-banned as it seems on my account. The reason was extencive cursing and flaming other players. I didnt gave much attention back in the days and didnt cared too much since i had university as my priority but now that i ended the semester and looking for some ways to pass my evenings i logged in and faced this problem. I know that my behaviour had been inapropriate but i stongly doubt it was even in thoughts for permaban. I have friends that were wishing cancer, death on opponents families , meeting in real life to fight each other and other real extereme stuff and all they came out with was 500 games chat ban. I am not sure if this is the correct place to complain but i have to go it a try. I strongly believe that this must be the most unfair permaban ever in the games history and i want to chat with those that are involved with the desicion and hear their points on permabanning my account. Or at least someone from the company explain me how someone that cursing in the means of hurting family and other people can get less punishment than someone that curses people that are clueless of the game and simply reccomends them to uninstall. Just try to figure out the difference. Give me some help please!!!
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