everyone who experience FPS drops from latest patch please comment here.

Hello Riot. People have noticed a huge gameplay difference from latest patches which includes huge fps drops for example. This all seems to come after galio release patch or atleast it did for me. im playing on Macbook pro late 2011 and i have never experienced these fps drops in my 4 year lol career untill now. Its an old laptop i know but still i think this is because of something else that was released within the latest patches since alot other players have experience huge fps drops both from Mac and Windows. I had an average fps of 30-50 in whole game meanwhile now 16-29 in lane and 7-15 fps in mid/late game which is pretty much stopmotion and unplayable. People have tried - uninstalling league of legends - repair client/hextech repair - refactory their computer - lowspecmode/all settings on lowest - sent in system reports to riot and gone through league of legends FPS guides. Nothing helps! and nothing works! this is really getting out of hand because i love playing league of legends and im not giving up until you will notice this issue. if you are one sad summoner on the rift that agrees with me please comment +1 so RIOT can notice us. thanks for reading / MadLife {{champion:67}} {{champion:412}}
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