PLEASE anyone can guess or help about why this is happening?

so my laptop is new, pretty good so i'm sure it's not about having a 'bad laptop' but it started pretty recently about 2 days ago. i think it started to happen since the new loading screen came out lol works totally fine, but in every few game, the game freezes for a second in every 5 seconds, it still happens even if i change the internet to my phone's hotspot, it goes totally fine again if i restart the computer, thanks to the new laptop, restarting and going into the game again only takes one and half minutes, but it still affect badly to the early laning phase after i'm focusing to climb to diamond now. i turned off of the powersave mode of windows 10, but it's still happening, i'm really desperate to find the solution, anyone can help me? the internet is totally fine, and as well it's not the problem of the internet because 1) i recently came to my friend's place so the internet is totally different 2) it still happens even if i switch the internet to other internet when it happens 3) it works totally fine again if i restart the laptop but it happens again after 2~3 games the laptop as well is totally fine because i just bought i7 gtx 1050 laptop. i'm guessing it's one of the annyoing windows 10 bug, please help me T.T

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