Riven Gold chroma Worlds bug or fail? Unlocked riven chroma but cant use. HEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!

Hello guys! i had saved up enough worlds tokens to unlock gold chromas. I clicked on riven to just check it out and realised that the forge button was clickable (didn't expect this as i didn't have the championship riven skins). I clicked on forge expecting an error sign to pop up as I had seen posts of this happening to other people when they didn't own the skin. However, to my surprise the chroma was added to my collection and i thought... oh maybe i got given the skin aswell. but when i went into champ select the championship skin was not unlocked meaning that i could not use the chroma. Is this a bug or did i make a really stupid mistake. Please help me because as you may know it is impossible to earn those tokens.
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