4K resolution isn't an optionnal developpment in 2k19

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League of legends is a huge game, with huge companies behind. The game runs pretty fast on any decent computer, so anyone with a 4k screen oviously wants to play the game that way. Then why is this thing not properly implemented yet ? I'm no aware of the technologies that are being use to build league and honestly i don't care, the game HAVE to be properly displayed in 4k, For now here are the problems i encountered while trying to get 4k gameplay : - mouse scale is ridiculous and i get lost about where she is in any fight i make - game doesn't restart the client properly after ending a game, 40% of the time i have to restart the whole client because the windows become insanly small as if there where some kind of "hide" mask over it, to the point i can't see nothing but the "no" button from the exit window after pressing "alt+F4," So for now and since i bought this screen, i'm stuck at 2560 * 1440 with weird colors that are "whiter" and less saturated than when i set up to 4k I want proper 4k gameplay, just get it done, manually redraw the client after game, allow over 100% mouse scale, just find solutions ! or let people make tools that do the job you're not able to do, for some reason, legitimate or not ^^ Thanks for your time, Ciboulette carotte-ly yours !
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