Game crashes.

Basically from time to time this idiotic game will crash so hard it will lock my PC. Now it's not that bad, it just looks like this: I honestly can't understand what riot is doing and why is it letting this on the live servers. There was a bunch of complaints addressed on this topic and yet nothing else happened. In the meantime I'm stuck here, forced to deal with this bullshit until a patch finally solves it, probably by mistake. I really do understand how hard it is to make a game and to code and to balance and do actually have a game up 24/7 but this is ridiculous. This should be a competitive game and yet it crashes to the state where I can't use my PC anymore, all I'm left with is the option to force reboot the game or to switch to another desktop(Windows 10 feature, WINDOWS+TAB) and to terminate the game process from task manager. For fu*k sake Riot, get a grip. I'm actually considering leaving this community when i actually got a hold of the lousy support and they told me it's because of my ISP. **HOW COULD THIS BE BECAUSE OF MY ISP I WONDER, IS THE GAME ACTUALLY PLAYED TROUGH A BROWSER? IS IT WEB BASER? DOES IT RUN TROUGH FLASH INSTEAD OF DIRECT X?** <- My thoughts on their response. I promptly left the support with a note that I'll just quit the game then, which I will certainly do, because it's not worth to lose the laning phase and let an opponent have the advantage over you just because your game is crashing due to a problem that would really not happen on another game. This happened since the idiotic K/DA patch, where you had the minions chant you at the beginning of the game, since then. it's just completely hell. I'm 100% sure that no one will acknowledge this post and it will be left with about 5 upvotes and no rioter will actually do it's job to actually address this concern, because let's be honest, if the support was able to just provide with such a bland response, then the game actually doesn't care about us, and just cares only about the special LCS or Tournament patches, which are stable and reliable. Peace.

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