A compensation for this damn thing

EDIT- this aint a rant against people working for **Riot** (_Reds_). I myself work as a support engineer and before that as a sales person so I know whats like to be on **front line**, getting everything in your face even if you are like the last person to be in charge for anything. **You guys keep it up, you are awesome**, this is just a general problem which requires better management and work from top to bottom, not vice versa. So, for us who wanted to play whole night coz we are for some reason free tomorrow or whatever, what do we get from this? Nothing. Just loosing time and nerves for what? Go fix this stupid game, separate a %%%%ing TFT from main client and hire another team of devs to take care of that since TFT got like 90% of MAIN game attention. Make a new client, FIX SERVERS! Is this like, 2012.? Cant play every other day, cant alt tab from the game or cant get back into it, stuck in loading screen all the time, either loosing lp coz leaving (?!) or getting abused by teammates for getting back into the game after almost 3 minutes (if you are lucky and if you realize that game is stuck). I mean, what the %%%%. We all have personal life, personal and own problems and issues, we dont need this shit. I get it, its free to play, blah blah. But come on, first of all, Riot is a big %%%%ing company. Tencent is the biggest company in the world. I personally paid for who knows how much skins and shits, so I expect to play a %%%%ing game at least. Hell no.
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