Trouble changing my account's name

So, basically, I am trying to create a ticket on Support to change my account username, but when I go to the category and choose "I would like help with account management or changes." it tells me I need to login to submit that ticket. Ok, I log into my account and try submitting it again, it works, but now it replied to it saying "For security reasons, we are not able to assist with an Account Recovery while you are logged into a League of Legends account on our Support Site.In order to proceed further, please provide me with a different email (one that is not associated with any League account). We will create a new ticket for you using this alternate email address, where you can reply and proceed further with your recovery request." I didn't know where to submit this different email wether in the ticket itself or what, so I googled it and people were saying I couldn't be logged on to submit that thing, but when I log off and try submitting a ticket by selecting the same option "I would like help with account management or changes." it says I must log in... I'm confused, can someone help?

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