Plat/Diamond ELO - Unbelievable Story that happened! Don't look picture if u want to read the story!

**_I was playing in Plat/Diamond ELO, In case you wonder why it says we are golds, its cause season has started 2 days ago and we haven't climbed back to diamond yet._** But yeah I am {{champion:17}} , It was 4v5 game, I was nervous about losing again cuz U know.. first trolls then feeders and then finally the afker.. but I had in my mind, maybe we can do it, Im not surrendering guys if someone afks I will tryhard and do anything to win, our team listened to me and our strategy was simple: Protect farmed {{champion:67}} at all cost (she had tons of dmg and carried us through mid-game) but it was not enough, We HAD to do something about it. I decided, I have to start carrying the game for us, I wont let u guys down I make sure we win this game! Enemies get baron, and 2 Inhibitors, we start to panic a littlebit, enemies decide to engage under our nexus-turrets, Thresh was dead he got caught earlier, {{champion:67}} and I dodge {{champion:54}} ult, we kill him, enemies get caught in my mushroom, enemies keep diving us, {{champion:67}} dies. I throw mushrooms like madman and blind their adc while shooting 1-2 autos on low hp guys, I get triple. I am 200hp and 2 enemies are in our base, I Q and luckily get mushroom on {{champion:4}} , I Zhonya right in time when {{champion:4}} throws stun card and Q on me, {{champion:4}} dies. QUADRA KILL, I fight with our last chance, I DO IT! I get Shia labeouf shout in my head JUST DO IT! I Throw Q on {{champion:81}} AND its JUST ENOUGH to KILL HIM! PENTAKILL! I start pushing mid like last day alive, I get 1 turret from mid, then I back cuz im very low hp and {{champion:4}} is alive, I go back. Next time, I get caught by {{champion:4}} ult when enemies were doing drake, Enemies go to baron, 1 Inhib has spawned for us and 1 is destroyed, I tell them to just def 30 seconds and im there please don't die. But no, yes they do listen to me, but {{champion:35}} has his carry feeling on his mindset, he decides to go to baron and try to steal it 1v5, I am thinking oh god we can't survive 3v5 against baron buff and 2 super minion waves, what we gonna do now?! But what?{{champion:35}} STEALS THE BARON! Oh my god our team gets great feeling of the game we can do it guys! We trust each other and we DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES! We are confident as F*CK! I Know If {{champion:54}} gonna ult me, Im 100% sure I can dodge it with flash I belive in my self very much! {{champion:35}} gets caught, Oh no its 3v5 we are defending our base, but my mushroom barrier saves us, enemies didn't even get the inhibitor as they were half hp, but suddenly enemies start pushing again, We fight, {{champion:67}} gets killed,{{champion:412}} dies, I am the last survivor, I kill one enemy with mushroom, I Q and auto one enemy to death, I start chasing 3 last enemies, they run, I caught {{champion:4}} , he uses stun card on which would kill me, but i Q and zhonya in time again and get him TRIPLE kill! I backing to base, If they try to surprise me, but look at that mushroom kills one guy, Quadra kill! I start pushing and my team joins me when they spawn, We get inhibitor and back. 4 Minutes later, enemies are taking baron again, thresh gets caught. We are 3v5, We trust in {{champion:35}} we let him go and try another steal, and guess what? HE STEALS IT AGAIN!!! we are 2v5 but no problem they wont be able to push against our baron buff and we are fed {{champion:17}} and farmed {{champion:67}} . 5 minutes later, {{champion:67}} GETS CAUGHT!!!?? OUR CARRY! NO! I say in chat NO VAYNE! I start feeling bad we came so far, We believed ourselves we did everything to win, we deserve our victory! noooo! Enemies come to our base, {{champion:412}} makes couple hooks while enemies are getting inhibitors, I poke them with mushrooms and Q's, {{champion:35}} puts some jacks in the boxes near nexus turrets, Enemies approach our nexus turrets, I surprise them with some mushrooms, Its not enough to kill anybody, but everyone is 40% hp, {{champion:35}} tries to kill their carries, but No :-( Sadly {{champion:35}} dies ;((( But I PROMISED WE WILL WIN THIS MATCH! I Get Superhuman powers and I start fighting 2v5 with {{champion:412}} !!!! {{champion:412}} hooks {{champion:54}} , We kill him under nexus turrets! {{champion:412}} flays {{champion:201}} , I finish him too! Double kill its 2v3 we can do it!! I ping lets do it! We are confident we go for them! Luckily enemies step on my mushroom, they are slowed with my rylai and mushroom, {{champion:412}} dies but I got revenge in my mind!!! I go and kill {{champion:59}} , I dodge some wildwards and {{champion:81}} Q's. Enemies decide to back, its 1v2 Im heading to push mid, but suddenly! What i SEE is QUADRAKILL! Mushroom finished someone, and 1 sec later, PENTAKILL!!!! Another PENTAKILL IN THIS RANKED MATCH!!!! IM LAST ONE ALIVE I GO PUSH MID AND MY TEAM SPAWNS LATER, WE KILL ONE ENEMY WHO SPAWNED, GOT NEXUS TURRET, KILLED ANOTHER ENEMY WITH THRESH HOOK, WE FINISH THE GAME! WE DID IT GUYS!!!! WE WON 4V5!!!!!!!! BEST GAME OF MY LIFE!!!!!! THE END! TLDR: Never give up and trust in your team, don't get upset if something doesn't go in your favor.

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