Anyone else feeling discriminated in TFT?

So ok who is not getting any items in the first 4 monster rounds? I have gotten 0 items in the past 8-9 games except for those from the carousel. Next to that i aint getting any form of descent endgame synergie done doesnt matter how much i lvl or re-roll. I geus is just have epic badluck but this has been happening since the last big patch. Like this for me the game is pretty much no fun/playable, i carefully plan and play stable and then almost hit the next stage! But then the above mentioned RNG comes around the corner literally makes me lose that game hard and then the days of progress is instantly wiped in a matter of 1 or 2 games. I get an BDO feeling and let me just say it like this, thats about as far from a compliment as you can get. Im pretty sure that this qualifies as a technical issue? Cause rolls/item drops seem for from random and to make the game fair remove the coin drops! this should be about what you build not about if you get anyhting at all, coins drops are useless because items are far more valuable.
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