help needed ASAP, leaverbuster is gonna ban me if this keeps happening!

so annoying after the champion select screen instead of being presented with the loading screen after the countdown, i get a black screen followed by an error of some sort "game has crashed, please reconnect to game" no matter how many times i do.... it dont work unable to connect to surver, please check blah blah blah. i tried all the steps in this video (except modem resetting) but it still not work this never happens me maybe like a small few times last year, this week however since the update i have played a few games and then this happens once today, for the first time all year, but it allowes me to reconnect during the game and resume. Then it happen AGAIN but right now its worse and does not even let me get to even play and dpesnt even let me load up the game. what to do?# i want my s rank chest, i want to play but its not even letting me. i dont want to risk getting this account banned because of leaver bvuster pourposes and if i keep trying to play again and again with thsi bs happening, its eventually gonna make my chances of getting noticed by the leaverbuster system alot more. SO UNFAIR. what do i do? if every game is gonna be like this where it does not even loaud and punishes me. what i do? __________ ###EDIT### i have also tried other things too like closing the client manually and re-trying, disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting, using task manager to close it and then retrying. NOTHING is working right now. it lets me log into the client, type my username it, and pass, then that reconnect screen appears telling me i left a game, it does'nt load up when pressed, it just keeps showing black screen. ___________ ###EDIT AGAIN### it also keeps saying "unable to connect to chat blah blH blah" and then when i try again the same thing comes up. ____________ ###ALSO### this is unfair i want it removed from my profile and for it to NOT be held against me in terms of leaverbuster as it was totally out of my control and a direct result of this above issue I AM AFRAID TO PLAY ANY MORE GAMES NOW IN FEAR OF THIS KEEP HAPPENING!!! HELP! i want this fixed. i am waiting to play
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