lvl 21 vs diamond in normal is... normal?

Ok, I am not that lvl 21, that was my friend (only one single premade). But can you see the difference (view image) - we had only one lvl 30, enemies had 3 and one of them diamond? This happened in the last 3 games, where we had 1-2 lvl 30 and enemy had 2x gold 1 and a diamond 4. All of them laughing at us that they play full premade with some Garen with lvl 10, making fun of our struggling to at least last those 20 minutes. I guess a lvl 10 needs precisely 1 diamond and 2 golds to survive a single silver frame and 4 levels 20-29. Disgusting. But totally fair, right? For a while I actually believed that bullshit about games being matched so that both sides have approx. 50 % win chance... (And for those who might read this and want to add some nonsense about learning a thing or two from high ranked players: yes, I try to learn something, but you don't actually learn anything when you play with beginners against experienced players. It's no fun to play against 4 totally fed enemies, even when you do your best to help them during all phases of the game.) (And to the other sort of people who might want to add a witty response about QQing too much - would you enjoy playing a game which you'd know to be lost from the very beginning? I don't mind diamonds when I am with other lvls 30, but when I play with a friend who is lvl 21, give me a break and put us against a fairly matched enemy team. Then let us just fight and may the better team win.)
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