Can we talk about this? - Leauge og Legends Luncher slow,(and have been ever since the "new client")

Hi, So this is pretty simple. We need a optimization fix for the launcher and it's time Riot gave a official and proper acknowledgement of the issue , My specs are irrelevant to this post , I'm not asking for help i'm asking. Everybody who i know have issues with this. And im sure im not the only one. This problem has been here since the "new launcher" came (the one that replaced the adobe air launcher) . So people share this post, And give your input on it. All we need is Riot taking this problem serious. Especially coders, programmers, White-Hats, And more. Come with your input, Let's get this fixed once and for all. {{sticker:katarina-love}} PS. If a mod reads this, Please correct the spelling mistake in the title.
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