Please help me....PLEASE

Hello there!Sorry for the kinda clickbait title.I just need help..For about a year now ,i have been having problems with my GPU(the screen keeps freezing).I contacted AMD and we got everything fixed up with some specific drivers and and overclock on my GPU.Then I had a virus and i had to get a proffesional on it.The 2nd day of me having my brand new pc(i also bought a bigger pc case),it started crashing again.I downloaded the specific drivers AGAIN and i overclocked my GPU AGAIN.Then i went on to play The Witcher 3 for 4 straight hours with no problems.Then i moved onto League and it started freezing again.As you can see,freezing for 5 seconds mid-game is really bad.That leads to my team mates thinking that i am inting.Now i am confused because i think that the Witcher 3 is more intense game that League(Graphics).It literelly happens when i play League.Other games seem to be working fine for me.I want this to get sorted out ASAP because URF is coming back and i want to be ready to play.Any idea?Thanks {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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