Completely unfair and not legitimate ban?

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Hello, so after playing a great game where we picked a really bad comp and did poorly, my zed told me to "%%%", which is really not okay as I have had close friend who have went through some pretty tough stuff in his life and considered suicide, so I told the zed that typing "%%% is insta chat restriction" so that he wouldn't do that anymore, and asked the enemy team to report him afterwards saying "report zed for telling me to %%% ty", what I found out next is that my account got banned immediately ! Presumably the system detected the word "%%%" however I didn't write it to anyone, just said to zed it isn't okay to say that, please help me get my account unbanned ! here are the submitted chat logs from ticket (also in the image) : Game 1 NLG Sorrow: ??? NLG Sorrow: maybe give you jungler a pull enxt game NLG Sorrow: you left when it was 600 xd NLG Sorrow: maybe dont pick lb NLG Sorrow: unlukcy chat restric coming your way zed NLG Sorrow: %%% is insta chat restric NLG Sorrow: you are dreaming girl NLG Sorrow: report zed for telling me %%% ty NLG Sorrow: main is chall too NLG Sorrow: its okay NLG Sorrow: rep zed ty and janna too
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