Permabanned for using a 3rd party program !?!?

So it all started a couple of day ago actually, while i was logged in and looking into my hextech chests when suddenly i got logged out with a message saying i had logged in elsewhere. So naturally i was a little shook and i thought that i was hacked, i tried logging back in and it did! So i didn't think much of it all since i regained acces to my account. My last few ARURF games i played on 7-3-2019 and after that i closed LoL 2 days go by and i think to myself "Man, a game of ARURF rn would be fun" so i tried logging in and immediately i get a notice that my account has been 'Permanently Banned' and why you ask? Because apparently i have been using 3rd-party programs of some sort, or even scripts ?!? While i never even thought about something like that.. I play LoL since 2014.. Back then you had to buy skins and stuff like rune pages with real money, and i sure did. I grinded almost 5 years (not really grind but more like played the game) 1) Never have i shared my profile information with anybody 2) All the time and money i put in this game for 5 years, POOOF gone !? 3) Never have i used another program to enjoy the game 4) Never have i used the custom skins program So my guess is that the person who probably hacked me, also is responsible for my 'permaban' But how do i prove that? Because i read hre and there that once you get permabanned that there is no way back. So did i lose my profile for good? and if so, then the anti-cheat really sucks. Ok i don't have the best PC and i have MS spikes sometimes. but common riot, SCRIPTS ??? after 5 years of non-competitive play i still couldn't get enough of the game, but sometimes i feel like the game doesn't want me to play it anymore IDK GUYS, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. i know it is hard to regain a profile from a permaban but CMOOONN.. i never cheated, took the losses like a man and stayed humble even when we won. And now i can't play on my account because of someone else/error/riot the weirdest part is if it really was something on my PC why they would have banned my account, but not of a friend of mine who played also on his profile on my PC !? it's all weird and i'm dissappointed, not for the game, not for the hundreds of euro's i put in, not for all the time i sacrificed for the game. But because i did NOTHING wrong and i still got punished, and not any kind of punishment but the worst you can get, and all of that happened in 1/2 days. Kind Regards, A guy with ??? everywhere.

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