I was refused help by a rioter.

Let me begin by saying I have a serious case of OCD it is real and it is serious, I cant log into my account without wanting to break my screen I recently changed my game name to WW Scot McCall what I meant to change it to was WW Scot(T) McCall I know it's ridiculous this tiny error is NOT worth a rioters time I would have let it go if it was that easy but like I said I cant log in to my account without wanting destroy my screen, Sometimes I rub my name on the screen as if it'll fix the error. I explained my situation to a rioter he told me that he could help but for some reason he just really didnt care I exaggerated the fact that I've a mental illness but he insist if I really want it changed buy some RP or save up for the IP. I'm BROKE I spent the last of my allowance on a warwick skin Ive nothing left to give to riot and I can't save up IP cause it really disturbs me to play a game knowing other players could see Scot and not Scott. If you guys are laughing please don't , this is not a joke I am serious.. the only way I could play a game is if i'm biting my jaw, I cant keep this up. I'm stuck! So PLEASE if there's a better rioter that could assist me it will mean A LOT to me. The rioter told me he can't change it, cause its not offensive or anything but I DON'T want to change it I just want to correct an ERROR! I am begging some one please help! I just want to play league like normal again .. and let me just say it one more time I am BROKE I dont have enough money to buy RP I would if I did because it seems to be the only way but I don't. Some of you would say "save up, its not that much" or "just wait till you get the money" it's not that easy I wouldnt be in the forum and at the support web at the same time crying about it if it were that easy. So please help a LOL addict with a mental illness out. QUICK UPDATE: A nicer Rioter replied to me and was willing to help adjust the spelling error but since a Troll down at the comment section took the name WW Scott McCall it is no longer available. here's what the rioter said "Hey again, I'm sorry that the name is no longer available, but we can't forcefully take a Summoner's name to hand it out to another player. Even if there was a mistake on the part of my colleague, right now there is nothing more I can do since the name has already been claimed. I do understand that typos occur all the time, even I make mistakes when I'm trying to write too fast, but you also have to take responsibility for that mistake as well. Under better circumstances I could have provided the one-time exception for the typo but there is nothing more we can do right now since the name was claimed. Unfortunately we can't really refund the change either. We could have done so if you had refund tokens available, but our policy does not cover Summoner Name refunds for free even if the player made a mistake in the name. Actions in the client are primarily the responsibility of the players. I'm really sorry but my hands are tied on the matter. KobaltQuill, Riot Games Player Support "You've got dangerous eyes... I like that."
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