Is that normal that RIOT Employees (FR) answer unrespectfully to RIOT Customers ?

Many times i've tryied to talk with someone in the FR Support of League of Legends. Everytime, the person i had in front talked to me like if i was a child. They aren't polite and they dont answer to the questions your ask, they just say what they want to say (that everything is your fault) but never answer to the question you may ask. Is that how the support of this Video game works or i've been crossing unskilled employees ? Just to give and example. I was chat restrict and i got 3 chat logs noticed, but on that chat logs, 2 of them should be counted. I say no rude word, i stayed calm etc. Real no reason. The only answer i had before they put (again) case "resolved" Just to show you what i'm talking about. Me: Quand vous prennez la peine de regarder le chat log complet de la partie, vous ne pouvez que vous rendre compte que j'ai fait preuve d'un sang froid exemplaire ! Pas une insulte,alors qu'elles pleuvaient gratuitement et méchament. Il faut sérieusement revoir votre système de sanction automatisé, il porte préjudice à des joueurs honnêtes et qui ne demandent qu'a être respectés. Him : Salut, Merci pour ton retour. C'est toujours pareil, tu es négatif, tu insultes et rabaisses tes équipiers et tu appelles aux signalements, ce n'est pas tolérable. On continue donc sur des restrictions de messagerie. Il y a rien à ajouter, tant que tu m'amélioreras pas ton comportement et utiliseras la messagerie à bon escient, tu continueras d'être sanctionné. Bonne journée. Gark Riot Games - Player Support Specialist Please notifie he uses the word "tu" to talk to me, when he should be using "vous" as i did, which shows respect to the person you're talking to. This person just answered me like you do to a kid you don't hear what he is talking about. He lies about my in game behavior. Where can i find some RIOT Employees that listen tu the players please ?

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