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Hi, Guess what? I've been screwed over. I went on holiday earlier this month between 7th and 13th. However finding out on the 12th I think, two friends informed me that my account has been account as they sent me screenshots of a bot or the hacker sending dodgy links. I know League has always had this problem with various accounts across the board. My main issue here is that the Player Support is a shambles. Do you want to know why? Read on, basically a discovered a Russian hacker hacked my account whilst I was on holiday. I managed to reset my password and change my email but it was too late by then,. The person pretending to be playing as me, played over ten games on this account and broke code of conduct/ summoner's code. I discovered originally I could login to my account with my new password, however the damage had already been done. Consequently I had been banned for two weeks. I brought it to Player Support / League's attention and because I was unable to fully verify I was the main account holder by answer their excessively long 21 questions. My account got banned PERMANENTLY. After investing time, effort and money into my main account, I don't have access anymore. Wow. Thanks Rito. Their support recovery system is crap ngl. Here are the questions that were asked in case you do not know what I am referring to. Account Username (what you log-in with): Account Summoner name (your in game name): Platform you play on (NA, EU West, EU Nordic & East, OCE): Original email address used to register the account: Do you still have access to this email address? (Yes/No): Creation date of the account: Location where the account was registered (City, Country): List of locations that you have played on this account (City and Country): Your current IP address (Use to find your IP address): First five champions ever purchased on this account: What champions/skins did you use your refund tokens on: What was your first ever RP purchase? (Include date and item): First 3150 IP champion purchased: First 4800 IP champion purchased: First 6300 IP champion purchased: Did you receive or give gifts on this account?: Gifts received: Gifts given: Date of Birth: Any other people (including family members/friends) that have ever had access to the account: Who made this account? When was the last time that you had access to the account (Month/Day/Year): Please send help. I will NOT be spending any more money on League of Legends. Full stop.

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