Out of Signal on monitor After "Lol" Logo showing after the game starts

So after i patched up my 7.1 , i decided to play a ranked game , all good , all players loocked up , 28 seconds till the game starts , client dissapears as ussual , the league of legends logo shows up , black screen as ussual , and after 1 2 seconds , the every player border loading screen have to show up right ? guess what Out of signal on the monitor , i couldn't do nothing just to restart my computer , i started the league again , got banned 5 games of leavebuster ofc , i was scared about the issue's gonna persist again so i started a custom game with a bot , started the game , and surprise again out of signal , third attempt on twisted treline custom game , Fail , i never issued this problem in my whole life with league of legends , if some moderator could help me it will catch me pretty good .{{champion:268}} {{item:3070}}
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