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Hello, i am a player from 2015 who started back in 2010 during the alpha. I've been wanting to return for a while but in 2015 i suddenly started getting random restrictions due to the at that time new system. (never had i been banned or restricted before that year and at the start of the year i think it happened like 3 times to me so i left in dissapointment). To my suprise someone has been playing on my account and got my account permanently terminated, i created a new email around the time i quit and i did not know that i had any problem. You can even clearly see the difference in time from when i played to where the hacker started playing here is the link: '''' with last date as Talon in 2015 24.8. So i started a emailing ticket which i will link now entirely as i am not sure what the next step should be: ''Don Hellscream (Riot Games Player Support) Aug 20, 12:22 PM PDT Greetings, Your account nescio123 has been permanently banned after being escalated through multiple levels of punishment by our disciplinary audits. While we do our best at Riot Games to encourage reform, we permanently remove players who continue to create negative experiences from our game.'' To which i replied with: ''Hey Don Hellscream, i was wondering when the permanent ban was placed. Perhaps there can be a IP check done on the acount to see when the account was banned... I haven't played after being furious at certain moderators back in 2015 due to being multiply banned for what i thought were petty situations, i got older now and had alot going on back then and i used to alpha test the game so i thought i had some well i guess its seen as privileges... I should still have a similar IP adress, i changed provider but still live in the same home, i would appreciate it :) I think i might've been hacked and someone else got my account banned.'' And got back: ''Don Hellscream (Riot Games Player Support) Aug 21, 8:04 AM PDT Hello again, We are going to re-investigate your case. As soon as the responsible team will give me a resolution, I will contact you again. Thank you for your patience and understanding!'' So i waited a bit until after a few days i was finally able to recover the lost email account so i send this email: ''WHATTHEFOEK Aug 26, 2:36 AM PDT Hello again, i was able to enter my older email just now and saw i got a message from Riot in 2016 that i got banned. I wasn't fully able to decypher it since it was in German (i could only read half of it haha) but i havent touched league of legends since about april of 2015 so im 100% sure that someone else played on my account. I've been watching alot of league of legends video's lately hope that i can play again soon by any chance, thanks for the support. ~Jamie'' And then got back this email: ''Teyllara (Riot Games Player Support) Aug 26, 5:10 AM PDT Greetings, I thank you for the heroic try to decipher that old email, but unfortunately, a conclusion to your case hasn't arrived yet. I also truly thank you for your patience up until this moment and we look forward to letting you know all the details once we get closure ourselves.'' Then i get a survey response and send another email: ''Teyllara (Riot Games Player Support) Aug 28, 10:20 PM PDT Hey there, I sincerely apologize for the long waiting time, however, I must let you know that the case hasn't been concluded yet still. Your ticket isn't closed. I hope you'll have an awesome day. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know.'' I wait some more and then i get a conclusion: ''Stonkypac (Riot Games Player Support) Aug 29, 12:01 PM PDT Hey, Your account has been escalated to a permanent suspension only after we observed an unacceptable level of toxicity. While we encourage reform, we also have zero tolerance towards certain in-game behavior. Also, you have received multiple punishments before this permanent suspension was applied, giving you enough time to re-consider your behavior, which you chose to ignore. As your account was found in clear violation of our Terms of Use, we will not lift the suspension under any circumstance. Please note that you are fully responsible for your account's security and all actions performed on it, and sharing the account is also against the Terms of Use. You can read the Terms of Use in full here: Although this marks the end of the line, we’re confident that with some reflection you will be able to avoid this kind of situation in the future with whatever new games you decide to try and we wish you the best of luck. Best regards,'' To me this looked like an automated message it says nothing about the reason of termination or what has happened has the account botted or was the hacker a flamer or... So i send another message ''WHATTHEFOEK Aug 29, 1:48 PM PDT Hey again, i dont understand fully why i get this message again. To make it clear again i left the game in 2015 after being ranked restricted and now i've come back and my account is permanently banned. I received emails (which i didn't know about it was on an old email i had to retrieve) in 2016 that my account was terminated in german. Also in the match history there is a clear overview when i played my last game so im 100% sure someone played on my account :/ If my account is permanently banned i would really like to hear why since i've always supported riot even when they started in 2010, i think an auto message is very distant especially in retrieval of account matters... To me it is looking like im being passed between moderators since i got this last auto message and im none the wiser... Thanks again and sorry for the fuzz.'' To which i get the following email: ''PeanutJelly91 (Riot Games Player Support) Aug 30, 1:35 AM PDT Hello Jamie, I am terribly sorry to hear that you feel as if the previous message which you have received is an automated one, as I can assure you that a colleague of mine sent it, however, I am afraid that I have also looked into this issue, and due to the nature of the suspension that has been placed onto your account, we will be unable to modify our stance regarding this issue, under any circumstances =( I apologize for not being able to assist you regarding this matter, however, if you have further questions or requests, please, do not hesitate in letting me know. Kindest regards,'' I dont fully understand what is going on so here is the last message (Im so sorry that it was such a long message with a bit of useless information haha i thought it might be better to just post it all to get some clearance: ''Jamie de Jong | Today, 10:37 AM Hey, i am sad to hear that due to the nature of the ban i am unable to retrieve my account. But i am still unaware of the nature of the ban. Teyllara said: ''I also truly thank you for your patience up until this moment and we look forward to letting you know all the details once we get closure ourselves.'' But i am not getting any details i am wondering what happened exactly in 2016 when i got the message in a different language saying something about a ban, while i was not playing on it. There is a clear time between when i last played on the account and the hacker played on it i played last in 2015 and the hacker started in 2016. Did he play on it and was so toxic it got banned or did he cheat or i have no idea, also i am wondering why i am unable to retrieve the account because im the rightful owner (i am willing to send a picture of my ID card.) Is there another place i can attempt to retrieve my account or give a call for specific information such as riot headquarters?,i know that when i left i was ranked restricted and chat restricted which was the reason i left i had alot going on in my life and i never got a ban or a restriction until the tribunal got removed in 2015 and i was left with temporary bans for what in my opinion felt like faults of a automated system. Granted i got upset in a way back then that wasn't appropiate but i didn't get a permanent ban and that is now 2 years ago and i've cleared my head its frustrating to be unable to get to know that i cannot play on my account where i've went through the hardship of getting all characters back then, and got a ton of special unacquirable skins from when i was the 5004th alpha tester back in 2010 , i remember that there was a topic on the forums where you could test it and i was a active member of the forums.'' I just checked the emails i got in german and they said something about a chat restriction, now i am wondering is there anything i can do further? I know i haven't received response yet but am i able to call Riot headquarters about this problem? or should i try contacting a different branch of moderators? I thought i take it to the forums for maybe some help. It felt like i am being passed around by moderators as a tennis ball and they all swing in the same manner but i dont understand whats going on. Until 2015 i always had been very grateful for the timely and precisive help i've gotten even though it had only been on a matter of password loss and such. But i just can't seem to get a response in a sense that gives acceptance to the matter haha... Ive been playing on a second account i have made back in 2014 or something but it was only level 2 and i've been wanting to get back into playing this game because its good stress relieve and back in 2010 was part of my daily routine, both ingame and on the forums or even real life where i would tell people about it. I've been checking out games i used to play in the past from around 2004-2012 and this was definitely a major chapter. Again sorry for the long post with messages that don't ''really'' matter but this was the entire back and fort between me and riot so i thought it might be better to show it all. And thank you for reading.
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