Re-roll skins permanent

Hello. I re-roll 3 skins in the Loot and i got one skin permanent of a champion i don't own...i mean this is tottaly not fair... If i dont own the champion what sense does it make to have a skin permanet of that champion, this shouldn't happen in my opinion. And to make things worst, i only have 3 options: disenchant into enssence (488 in this case); purchase champion; and re-roll into random skin permanent. And all of these options are totttaly unfair, for once, i have to spend 6300 IP on the champion (IP that i don't have), then i have to disenchant into enssence wich is tottaly infair because i spent 3 skins and now i can only disenchant the value of one skin, and then i have to re-roll with other 2 skins to another random skin permanent. I don't think that's fair at all. You guys should take a good look at that. Thanks for your time.
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