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**Hello guys, I'm new in "lol", I need some asssitance and some answers.** 1: Is this the official website of the game as i found this website through "google" ? 2: Is it possible to report non-behavior players in game in here with evidence so admins can take an instant action ((I know about reporting in game after the match is over but i wanted to know if there's something more official))? 3: Is it possible to get a gameplay of a match that i've played before while i didn't record it by myself ? ((I did an insance penta kill with my favorite champ "yasuo" and it was a solo one, like 1v5 :D, I'm just asking if i can get that "video" for myself)). 4: Why i'm level 5 in here? i actually find this weird, why would i need level in this forums, and what's the point from it ? and is it related to my In game level as i'm level 23 in game ? Thanks for your assistance !
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