BUG - Rek Sai Ascension Bug.

Hi...I just want to report a bug and hoping you can fix it :) Its In-Game Bug... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Description: I just played Rek Sai on Ascension..And i placed tunnel in base/fountain (squeezed in wall/border) and when i got to lvl 6...I ulted in base...And then i TP back in fight and i noticed that i became immortal for about 20 sec...Then i tried it again,and it worked... Step by step: * Make a tunnel "hitting" base/fountain wall * TP out of base... * Ult at tunnel wich u placed in base...** And it should work. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenshots: http://imgur.com/tHUvrWs http://imgur.com/NacsTBH http://imgur.com/8BNgex6 http://imgur.com/XD9fyre http://imgur.com/B4DvNDS http://imgur.com/ucBpm9n http://imgur.com/ecHxzjw http://imgur.com/IwH1x2n http://imgur.com/tGRhf5h http://imgur.com/YBCAUft http://imgur.com/7k9tFSe http://imgur.com/WJyZWm7 http://imgur.com/FRYxuBa http://imgur.com/eKRlhBS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This bug can easly be successfully done! So please Riot...Fix it :) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Friend Told me that i can be rewarded for this...I dont know is that ture..And if it is...Idk whats the highest alowed reword i could get... If its true i would be rly happy with Hexteck chest and key...I dont know is that too much so its okay if i dont get anything..Im glad i helped :D
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