Constant lag and reconnecting issues

hi as of the recent release of snowdown i have been experiencing high lag spikes and disconnecting issues, however my ping constantly sits at 23ms and rarely spikes above 60ms, but even so my game will freeze and the only thing moving will be my champion this freeze will last for around 7-8 seconds in a game and will sometimes result in complete lose of the champion however on occasions i will still be able to move the champion while the freeze is occurring it has also become second nature for me to disconnect from a game around 12 times during it even with my ping not showing any issues, i have done 2 full repairs on the client and it didn't help i have attempted to use the hexteh repair tool to repatch it but consistently get the "chromium embedded framework has stopped working message", i have restarted my pc and router and nothing has fixed it. i have yet to do a full reinstall of league as i only want to use it was a last resort. overall it has begun to make the game feel unplayable. if anyone could provide some help it would be much appreciated.

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