No one care about the state of game and client

Hi , I just want to say that the state of this game has came from good in seson 2 to worst then ever in seson 10 , why am i saying this beacause of the continous errors and crashes and attempting to reconect that i'm reciving during gameplay after like 7-10 min game since last 3 patches or so if i'm not rong after the patch that senna was brought in game on live servers, i tryed so many things to fix it but it seems that is not from me (i'm saying this beacause i tried every solution that i found and even called my provider and check to see if there are any problems and they said is all good from them) and i've seen so many post and threds and mails send on this matter but for riot is more importent to ad skins and events then to fix the platform , point is riot it's disepointing me and many of my frinends on this matter and i still have hope that maybe they will do something about it sooner then wasting there time with other small stuff. P.S Riot Game try to lisen to the voice of community , cuz you guys say that you lisen but is quite the opposite You don't
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