Permabanned for what reason?

So yesterday i got permabanned (1. January 00:00:00 year 9001) for use of 3rd party programs. And i know it will be hard for anyone to believe me but i have not used any scripts, hacks or exploits to alter the game. I have some thoughts about why i could have been banned: 1. I changed my launcher language to Korean(C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\system\Locale and changed from "en_GB" to "ko_KR") and bought RP(was still euros which i usually pay for and i also saw no one say you could get banned for changing launcher language, the reason i did it? I was bored of the original font and i think the korean font looks so much cooler) 2. I stopped trying to win with my team and rather focus on carrying the games myself(I was placed Bronze 1 this season) and because i (personally) feel like i have better dodge mechanics and game knowledge than others would make me seem like a scripter/hacker and Bronze players report for. 3. A few days ago i actually started playing safer and going in if i can get an advantage and play to my strengths i carried some games a bit too hard i guess. ( ) ( ) 4. I looked like a scripter in my Blood Moon games as Lee Sin to be honest... But i played with my friends and i was gonna have some fun and predict where people were so i was like "Guys look at this. There is a person in that brush. *flashes over the wall and Q's towards the bush and hits a person* OMG WHAT THE HECK!" and i die laughing because i had godlike(exaggeration but whatever) predictions. I also hit someone when they were invisible and i wanted to just try something so i stood by the destroyed first tower blue side, put down a ward on my left, ward hopped and Q'd down and hit an invisible Rengar. Is there any way i could get my account unbanned? I have to admit i have been reported for toxicity before but that is so long ago and i have gotten notice from Riot saying my behavior have improved and i have tried not to be toxic and i have not gotten a notice for being toxic since. Is it possible to let Riot look through my computer and see that i am not using scripts/hacks? I also sent an email to support asking if it was possible to unban my account and why i was banned. The response said i was reported for scripts, hacks, exploits or other 3rd party program to alter the game in my favor. Would it help if my friends sent in a complaint too or give proof i don't script/hack/exploit or use third party programs? Thanks for reading. EDIT: If you pressed yes on the poll for fun then it really isn't fun. I am innocent(i hope and as far as i know i am) and it does not help much if trolls says yes. I have dreams to play in the LCS, be the owner or manager for a team in the LCS so why should i go against the rules? Going against the rules does not help much. However, to justify that i am better than most players in my rank i would like to inform you people that i have been watching a lot of LS's(LastShadow9 @ leaguepedia) videos which have helped me enormously. EDIT 2: So i got a response from Riot which infuriates me... I swear i have not used any scripts ever. Have i looked up videos? Yes. Have i looked at where to download them? I think. Not really sure. Have i ever downloaded scripts? NO I HAVE NOT. Yet this is the response i got.... What the hell can i do? How the f### can i get my account back?! I hate Riot right now. I don't know what to do. I am at a loss of words. I do not even give out my account for friends to play on because i know account sharing is not allowed. And i know for a fact that i don't have scripts. SO HOW THE F### CAN I GET BANNED FOR USING SCRIPTS?!?!??! {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} (Sorry for getting so angry...) UPDATE: They checked my account once more and i am no longer unbanned. They found nothing after the second time of checking my account because i have no scripts! :D
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