Do In Game Tooltips show Final Damage/Healing Stats?

So I've wondered for quite a while now the status of the damage (and healing, shields etc.) stats on the tooltips are the final numbers (excluding defences of course) The easiest way to explain this would be to use soraka as an example. Imagine a Soraka with Windspeakers Blessing. (+10% Heal/Shield power) Sorakas W the tool tip says something like "Soraka Will heal the target ally for 50 (+100) health". Does those numbers in her w tooltip include the (+10%) from Windspeakers? Would her "final" heal be +150 hp or would it be +165 hp due to the extra 10%. Obviously I ask for the sake of other tooltips too. Also - Inb4 all the "DUDE THOSE NUMBERS ARE SO WRONG" guys, I made up the example for the sake of the question

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