Legacy Client Deprecation - what's holding you back?

Hey all! As I'm sure some of you are aware, and I want to make sure everyone should be - we're getting close to the time where we sunset the legacy client, and move everyone over to the updated client. Supporting two clients is a time consuming affair, and supporting the old client holds our teams back from both focusing on the new client, and implementing even more cool features into it alongside the existing new-client exclusive features, such as [Practice Mode and Replays](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/preseason-2017/replays-and-practice). We're also aware that some people are still holding off from upgrading, and we want to get feedback on why that may be. Currently, there's a few reasons: - **I tried the new client and it was laggy as heck - no thank you!"**. Please ensure you've tried the client recently - every patch there's been optimisations, and with the inclusion of "Low Spec Mode" and "Close Client during game" - performance has been greatly improved on lower end machines. https://i.imgur.com/xlsg0Uh.png - **It's way too different, I like the old client**. Unfortunately we don't have anything to recommend on this one other than - please try to get used to it. Change can be kinda sucky, but honestly from personal experience and speaking with others - it just takes a bit of getting used to. Earlier iterations of the client were a bit clunky and things were moved around, but we're now at a stable place and the interface shouldn't change around too drastically. - **I miss <this feature>**. The new client now supports most features the old client did, as well as some additional ones as mentioned. Those that are missing we've generally made statements around - for example Item Sets was something that wasn't used a huge amount, but we know people definitely miss it and there's plans at a later point to bring them back. - **I have genuine issues with it, such as crashing/lag/etc.** This one we're definitely interested in. If you're still experiencing issues with performance, please be sure to Submit Feedback using this button: https://i.imgur.com/tsUc1U4.png Feel free to share you experience of why you're not using the new client here - I can't promise I can respond to everything, however I will be reading and taking the feedback on board - and talking with our development teams about any major pain points or things we can hopefully improve to make the transition that little bit easier for you :-)

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