,,Ping Spikes '' Can somebody help me, please?

I have like really big problem in LoL. Everybody know that with lags is LoL unplayable. I have Ping Spikes. Ping spike is some kind of the worst thing a have ever met , maybe some angry kid on mid was worst, but to the thing. I play normaly on 33 ms like 2 minutes and then my screen freeze and a cant move with my character. After like 5 seconds it goes away and i jump on 2000 ms. Than i go slowly down with ping and when i am again on 33 ms it happens again. Can somebody help me with this. I have money so i can buy him some kind of 975 skin i he want but only if his solution will help me and i will normally play back on 33 ms all time. So if somebody have something add me on EUNE (tomasekpreis) or write in discussion. BTW i tested my dns and router in cmd ping test and my router is ok but my DNS is jumping too.
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