No chest unlocked but conditions met.

[Solved by MatzaflarOZ101 - can't find how to edit the title, or mark the thread as solved.] Good morning, yesterday night, I played Talon {{champion:91}} . We won and I earnt an S-. See : And, I never unlocked a chest for Talon. (actually, I didn't know I could earn a chest with just a mate doing S instead of me, but still, strangely, no chest) See, contrary to Udyr{{champion:77}} which has the golden border : And still I didn't unlock that Talon chest. So, am I missing something or is this clearly a bug? Is that linked to a strange behavior I noticed, where my client says I earn 5 rewards in 5 popups, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to earn because I can't find it anywhere? (behavior which hasn't happened at my last connection I believe) Thanks for your help.
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