Big THANK YOU RIOT ! ( if u got banned read this )

Hi all, i want to share you a very important information ( at last for me ) So 3Years ago i got banned because when i got vocations i let my friend playing on my account ( this account was D2 in the time ) my friend was banned for 15 days for flame.But since he was my friend from the same city i think it was ok to let the acc with him,then he give me the acc on D2 just with less 18 Lp . ( i left it with 78 and he give me with 60 ) for my big surprise after season 3 finish my acc was banned. OK, so i stooped to play league. In the end of season 6 ( 1 week before season finish ) i come back to league played a bit got plat2 and i sent to riot a ticket asking if they can transfer all my old friend list from my old acc for this acc, and for my BIG SURPRISE they did IT YESTERDAY, i was so %%%ing happy when i log in and lots of my old friends was asking ( who is there) ( omg u are back) ( welcome back bro i misses u so much ) etc.... SO EVEN IF U GOT YOUR ACC BANNED RIOT STILL CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FRIEND AND THEY CAN GIVE ALL YOUR FRIENDs BACK ( ofc no one remember 80 summoner nick name to add again ) SO yeah, this is the BIG thank you i'm sending to riot because yesterday was a VERY HAPPY DAY for me.
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