20 mins of in game lag for all players followed by the game suddenly ending

I was in a ranked/solo duo game and all players had terrible lag all game even though none of us appeared to have any fps or ping issues. minions were randomly targeting different things, some were invulnerable, some ran randomly. Towers were randomly targeting different things;some of which were way out of range. It was VERY strange. After about 20 mins the game crashed. Nobody is able to reconnect, the game ends and we are able to queue for a new game. There is no evidence of this match ever happening as it does not show on anyone's match history. Right now I am attempting to reconnect to a game that no longer exists. Nobody else appears to have had this problem because I checked with friends and on streams and they seemed fine. Nobody on the boards seems to have had an issue either. I added all other players in that game and they all told me they were having the same issues as me. The most frustrating part about this experience is that we were highly favoured to win therefore I feel cheated out of both my time and LP. Has anyone else suffered from these issues? Was this a one-time thing? Or should this kind of experience be expected from now on? Thanks, from a confused and frustrated player.

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