Fixing RANKED for everyone.

Idea of how to fix ranked for low elo: Understanding the problem: The biggest issue at low elo is that players do not understand the abilities, builds and play-style of champions. A vast majority of the ‘low elo’ players can only and have only played a very small amount of champions. For a player to ‘fully’ understand how a certain champion is played, countered or synergized with, the player needs to have played the champion for atleast a few minutes, ideally longer. My suggestion is for a new system to be implemented into the game. ‘Forcing’ players who WANT to play RANKED. And im only talking about ranked. To play atleast 100 (or all, open to suggestions) champions in a NEW game mode or existing one. New game mode would be like a test map that makes you 1v1 a bot and play for 3 mins actively. Now this will mean that every player in bronze/silver/gold will then actually understand the abilities of every champion. This should result it players becoming 10000x better and a vast overall improvement for ranked for everyone. Riot could even go further and make every champion free2play the same as Dota2 does, meaning players can test the champions before going into ranked. At the current time there are millions of players in low elo who only play 1 champion and ruin the ranked games of those who have tried and practised and learned the game. This needs to be made compulsory for anyone wanting to play ranked. It would also help to stop smurfs. Suggestions welcome, also i understand if would take new players longer to get to ranked, but they would be 1000x better at the game for doing this than if they queue up fresh at lvl 30 with 2 champions to play. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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