Disable Champion Capsules?

Hello, is there a way to disable the annoying champion capsules? I've bought all the champions I wanted to play with 2 seasons ago so there's no point in them. They are completely useless - they do nothing. No wait they do something... annoy me! 1) Create a 5-10 second delay after the game with A VERY ANNOYING screen blocking my stats doing the very stupid "doopdoowooppdoo here's something UTTERLY USELESS TO WASTE YOUR TIME YOU GOT A LEVEL UP HERE NOW SUFFER" 2) Create a very annoying orange glare on my loot screen... look my loot is for REAL loot... not trash that I can buy with IP woops I meant blue essence. It's like an insult "here look you have some loot - oh wait you don't it's just USELESS champion thingy which does NOTHING" I think it's very counter-intuitive that players get punished for getting level ups... As it stands now levels offer NOTHING but an extra annoyance. Is there a way to disable champion capsules/level ups? I am willing to buy maybe a bundle to stop this trollage. Thanks in advance!
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