RIOT employee lied to me or the Slumber party point tracking is broken. Help me

So I wasn't getting the chest and key from the slumber party event so I decided to make a ticket since during the zaun event I registered for the icon but didnt get it and then when i made a ticket i was told they cant do anything about it because I didnt contact them to inform them of their failure to deliver on what they promised soon enough. I had enrolled in the event before it started and played more than enough games to earn the reward but when I got a response I was essentially lied to by a riot employee that I had only 500 points either becouse he/she was 2 lazy to check and actually do his/her work or because RIOT's system of keeping points was flawed. Anyways can someone help me ?[Proof I have the wins]( Also has anyone else been lied to by a RIOT employee becouse they were too lay to do their job?

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